Star Wars: The Sable Corsair


Ok boys and girls... here's the deal: J.J Abrams and LucasFilm recently announced a Star Wars Fan Film Contest. Me and mi hermanos, Chris and Nick Finch, thought it represented a great opportunity for us to finally put all our creative eggs in one basket and do a film of our own. The fact that it's Star Wars, and that we're all huge fans, just makes the prospect that much more fun and exciting! It's called "The Sable Corsair", which is the name of the ship in the film. In keeping with the DIY spirit of the original film, we want to use practical effects and real, epic locations, (one of the actual locations used in some of the Star Wars features...), we have a great story and script, really amazing people who have graciously volunteered their time and talent to help, and a wealth of creative talent and hutzpah... what we don't have is- gulp- money. Moolah. Scratch. Sheckles, son- as in we ain't got none.

We're talent rich, but cash poor... but that's where you might just be able to help. We've launched a "GoFundMe' campaign to raise some money in order to pull off this crazy, epic idea. The link's below. Check out the video and some of the production art. Everything and anything helps. If you don't have cash, that's fine; just help us get the word out. Thanks so much for your kind attention. I think I can safely speak for the fabulous Finch brothers when I tell you it means the world to all of us.

May the force be with you!