The Sable Corsair is at the top of the list in Dorkside's "Star Wars Fan Films: A Comprhensive List"!

This was a nice surprise… The Sable Corsair got a really nice shout out today from Dorkside! Our little ‘Star Wars film that could’ was at the top of their comprehensive list of Star Wars fan films:

Award Winners

The Sable Corsair (2016)

Smugglers and bounty hunters fighting in a desert with a lightsaber to boot; need I say more about The Sable Corsair; which could be mistaken for a deleted scene out of A New Hope. Closely identifying with the opening movies of each Star Wars trilogy (with some punchy dialogue as well), this Audience Choice Award winner is a great starter movie for those looking to dabble in the fan film world.

Thanks so much you guys!