Welcome to my swanky new website!

Hola... and welcome. 

It's such a relief to finally have an official home online, (up 'til now I've felt like the internet equivalent of the Island of Misfit toys), and it's been a long time coming.

It's not exactly 'done', (I guess no website ever really is...), but I think that at least most of the heavy lifting is out of the way. Right now, I've got a ton of artwork up, as well as advance tracks from "Good Morning California!", the first EP by my band, Wrongway Saints.

Over the coming days, weeks and months, I'll add a TON of new stuff: pictures, videos, new tracks, new sketches, the location of the secret rebel base... so feel free to come back as often as you like, there will always be something new and interesting to check out.

So let me know what'cha think. Leave a comment. Pin an image. Tweet. Retweet... join the exciting technological revolution that is Planet Henderson.

Cheers, mates.

!Viva La Biscuit!